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In-Game translations

On the gift log in-game, it says liked gifts = "Cadeaux appréciés" and loved gifts = "Cadeaux aimés". This conflicts with what we've created on the wiki, where loved gifts = "Cadeaux adorés" and liked gifts = "Cadeaux aimés".

I think this might be confusing. (As a native English-speaker, I've always found it confusing that "aimer" means both to like and to love, as well!) I would like to change it, but several pages are affected, and this would be a lot of work.

Does anyone object to making the changes? Or, is it perfectly clear as it is (with the wiki being in conflict with the words used in-game)? Thoughts? margotbean (discussion) 23 mai 2020 à 21:56 (UTC)

Hi Margotbean ! I understand the confusion about the verb "aimer". It might be strange for a non-native, but for french people the use if this verb and his meaning is always obvious thanks to the tone of the sentence/the speaker. In my opinion, the wiki is actually perfectly clear about this topic. Without any context, the word "adorer" is definitely more powerful than "aimer" (speaking about something, not someone). On the contrary, it's more confusing in the game because the words "aimer" and "apprécier", without any context, are quite identicals. So you'd better do nothing on the wiki about this ! Don't worry. Here are some informations about these words, if you want it to be more clear :

"aimer" an item : Like an item

"adorer" an item : Love an item


"aimer" someone : depends on the context and the tone. So : love/like someone (je t'aime = I love you / Je l'aime bien = I like this person)

"adorer" someone : to like someone very much, but usually not to love someone

Sorry for this very long response but I wanted this to be more clear for you, as I know you studied french ^^. Have a nice day ! Azurys (discussion) 23 mai 2020 à 23:07 (UTC)

Azurys made a really good answer. Honestly, it's an issue for me cause "like" isn't so higher than "love" (in my opinion) and if I wanted to translate "like" I would say "apprécier" which is quite different than "aimer". The tone is really important as said Azurys and we will, in French, said more often "adorer" than "aimer", "aimer" is more private xD ! But even if we are friends we can just tell "je t'adore" or "je t'aime". For example, "je l'aime bien" is quite ambiguous, we can tell it when we talk about a friend or best friend but also for our crush or someone we could love I think. I don't know if I am clear. It's a really interesting discussion :D ! Nymdelia (discussion) 24 mai 2020 à 15:46 (UTC)

Thank you both for answering my question! It is fascinating to me, since I studied French but never spoke it fluently. If I understand correctly, both of you say that we don't need to change the wiki. This is good news to me! I think, in the game, if a player sees that a gift is "apprécié" or "aimé", he won't know if he got 45 or 80 points for the gift. But on the wiki, it's very clear. So, if we have done well, I am very glad! Merci infini ! margotbean (discussion) 24 mai 2020 à 17:52 (UTC)