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Cette page est pour discuter de Marché nocturne.
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Bonjour, quand je vais au bateau-magique je ne vois pas dans le stock les Épouvantails de collection #7 et #8 alors que je les ai déjà débloqués grâce aux dons que j'ai fais au Musée. Est-ce que quelqu'un a le même problème ? Je vais aller voir sur le wiki anglais aussi. Nymdelia (discussion) 25 avril 2020 à 15:56 (UTC)

That bug was reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/StardewValley/comments/f8srey/stardew_valley_14_released_on_pc_console_and/flr4g1c?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x
So, the developers are most likely aware of it, but it's not a bad idea to report it again here: https://forums.stardewvalley.net/index.php?forums/help-bug-reports.12/ (the forums are English-only). So sorry this bug happened to you! margotbean (discussion) 25 avril 2020 à 17:24 (UTC)

Thanks for your answer, I need to undo this bug cause if we collect all rarecrows we have the Deluxecrow's recipe and I need it for one achievement, i will report this, good evening ! Nymdelia (discussion) 25 avril 2020 à 17:59 (UTC)

If you're playing on computer I may be able to fix your save file for you. If you'd like to upload it to something like dropbox, I can open it and see what's wrong. You can also install a mod called CJB Item Spawner to get one, but that won't fix the fact that you don't have the recipe.
I can't imagine earning the alien rarecrow from the casino and then not getting the deluxe recipe!! margotbean (discussion) 26 avril 2020 à 16:47 (UTC)

Oh, dear Margotbean, if you can doing this for me, it would be great ! How can you fix it ? I prepared my save file on swisstransfer.com, it's a link u can download with a password that I created. How can I give you this link and password ? E-mail ? I hope you will make it, thanks a lot ! Nymdelia (discussion) 26 avril 2020 à 18:27 (UTC)

I started a private conversation on the official forums with you, you can post the link/password there. Just log in to the forums here: https://forums.stardewvalley.net/index.php and you should have a notification that I started a conversation with you. (The forums call private messages/direct messages "conversations".) I don't know how I'll fix the save file until I look at it, but I can compare it to several test saves I have, and the save I started with version 1.4.5 and see what's different. I haven't encountered the bug, so the difference should stand out. XO, margotbean (discussion) 26 avril 2020 à 21:36 (UTC)