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Hello Nymdelia! I'm very happy to see you back on the wiki!!!!!!!!!!!

The page you were looking for is Couture. It's funny, because I wanted to call it something else, something I found in the data files, but you told me "no one uses that word", so we settled on "Couture". lol

I hope you are doing well. Nice to see you on the wiki! :) margotbean (discussion) 5 mars 2021 à 19:29 (UTC)

Hello again !! I did not express myself well... I am talking about a file with red letters that you had copied/pasted in the discussion page Couture. To quickly find a translation I found it was much more convenient ! And yes I remember about "en cousant" haha ! In French the word "coudre" is terrible to conjugate so we say "quand je couds..." instead of "en cousant" haha! I'm glad to be back !! Nymdelia (discussion) 5 mars 2021 à 19:44 (UTC)


Hello Nymdelia! I hope you are doing wonderfully! It's nice to hear from you again.

On a Windows PC, you can take a screenshot of the game using the "Print Screen" key... I don't know if the AZERTY keyboard has one, though. I googled some images to see the name of the key in French, and none of the keyboards had one. On an English QWERTY keyboard, it's to the right of the F12 key.

After taking the screenshot, you can open Microsoft Paint and "Paste" the image, then crop it as you wish. If you want transparency in the image, you have to use an image editing software like paint.net (MS Paint cannot do transparency). Save it as a .png file, then you should be good to upload it.

If you have any trouble, I can do it. It's very hot today, so I want to turn the computer off soon, but I can do it sometime after this evening. Let me know, ok?

Passez une excellente matinée / jour / soirée / nuit !! margotbean (discussion) 8 avril 2021 à 21:51 (UTC)

J'ai créé l'image. Voir Fichier:Destinations FR.png. 😊 margotbean (discussion) 9 avril 2021 à 20:05 (UTC)
Merci beaucoup Margotbean ! I wasn't on SV wiki these days, I will try your tip another time ! Best regards Nymdelia (discussion) 11 avril 2021 à 19:09 (UTC)