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Hello, and welcome to my user page! I've been a moderator on the English wiki for over 2 years (maybe almost 3 years now), and also moderate the wiki in all other languages.

I speak primarily English, and studied French in high school and college. I'm not at all fluent! But I do have access to the game's data files, so I try to concentrate on copy/pasting the information directly from the game.

If I've made an awful translation, please feel free to fix it, and/or message me about it! If you find a bad translation that exists in the game (and the underlying data files), the proper thing to do is leave it as is on the wiki, and make a note about how the translation is flawed. After all, the wiki needs to reflect the game, including its errors.

The most important thing is to stick to in-game terms, and secondly, to have fun!

Please feel free to post a message on my talk page about wiki or game-related issues. You can also post on my English talk page.

Enjoy your time at the wiki!