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Bonjour !

Cette page permet de discuter de la traduction française de certaines pages du wiki Stardew Valley. Si vous trouvez des erreurs ou avez des questions concernant mes ou vos traductions, n'hésitez pas à me contacter pour que nous en discutions ensemble.

Questions sur version française

Bonjour ! Thank you for all your hard work in translating the wiki! It's very much appreciated!

You can find instructions for unpacking game files in the English wiki's modding section: Unpack game files. Please message me if the instructions are not clear, or if you encounter problems.

Regarding hay -- in the data file ObjectInformation.fr-FR.xnb, the entry for hay looks like this:

    178: "Hay/0/-300/Basic/Paille/Herbe séchée utilisée pour nourrir les animaux." #!String

The word in the 4th index is the translation "Paille". (Small warning: In other data files, the official translation is at the end of the line instead of in the middle).

The official translators have made many many many mistakes in the 11 languages other than English. The best thing to do is to place a note on a page explaining how the translation may be incorrect, or "a better translation for this item may be _____". (If that makes sense). The important thing is that a player can type a word they see in-game into the search bar of the wiki and find the correct page. Then they can read that the translation is bad. You see?

Regarding time -- the in-game display doesn't use 9h30, it uses the colon, 9:30, so I think it's best for the wiki to show the time the same as in-game. We don't need to use red numbers for midnight to 2am, though!  :D

Again, thank you for all your hard work, and I hope I've answered your questions. Please ask me anything else that's on your mind. Kind regards, margotbean (discussion) 21 août 2019 à 18:49 (UTC)