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Bonjour! Thank you for translating the wiki! Here is a link that may help you: https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Help:Links

Pages are untranslated until links are translated into French. Removing {{Traduire}} prevents other editors from translating links, since they won't be as visible.

Please remember to stick to terms used in-game ("profession" rather than "specialization", for example).

You're doing a lot of work, let's make sure to do good work that doesn't have to be corrected later! Thanks again, margotbean (discussion) 2 mai 2019 à 19:00 (BST)

Hello Heksaeder, the reason I replaced the template is that there are translation errors on the pages in question. There is no page called "argent", it is "Or" (gold), and there are links that are still untranslated ("The Queen of Sauce" is on one page). There is no page called "Coltures", the game calls them "Récoltes". These are just the ones I've noticed so far, you're making so many changes it's difficult to keep up.
I appreciate the massive amount of work you're doing in translating! Perhaps you need to play the game more to learn the official terms, or check the main page or english pages for official translations. Until then, the template needs to stay on the pages! Thank you so much, margotbean (discussion) 2 mai 2019 à 23:32 (BST)
Je pense que je suis peut-être trop grincheux quand j'écris des commentaires aux modifications. Merci pour vos messages, et travaillons ensemble pour rendre le wiki vraiment formidable. Jusqu'à la prochaine fois, merci! margotbean (discussion) 3 mai 2019 à 00:04 (BST)