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« « J'ai encore beaucoup de travail à faire »
— Robine

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Gold Gold.png is the primary currency of Stardew Valley. The amount of gold a player has is displayed at the top right of the screen, directly below the time. All players start with Gold.png500po. "Total Earnings" and "Current Funds" can be viewed at any time on the Inventory screen of the pause menu.

All shops, other than those that are part of the Stardew Valley Fair and the Casino, will accept Gold as payment for their goods.

Earning Gold

The primary method of earning gold is to collect items by farming, fishing, foraging, mining, or engaging in combat, then selling the items by placing them in the shipping box on the farm. Gold is earned after the player goes to sleep for the night, and the amounts for each item are displayed on a summary screen.

Alternatively, items can be sold to various merchants throughout Stardew Valley, and gold can be collected immediately. Each merchant will purchase only specific items that correspond to the type of items they sell: Pierre's General Store buys edibles, the Fish Shop buys Fish, the Blacksmith buys metal ores and gems, etc.

The player may also complete quests to earn gold. Quests are either posted on the "Help Wanted" board outside of Pierre's General Store, or delivered directly to the player's mailbox on the farm. Quests involve acquiring/delivering items, slaying monsters, or catching fish. Upon completion of a quest, the player may earn gold by opening the Journal, selecting the completed quest, and clicking on the reward icon.

The player will also receive gold in the mail. The player's mother or father will send money after the player earns specific amounts of gold, Pierre will randomly send 'Cash-back Rewards Program' rebates, and Lewis will randomly send gold from the 'Stardew Valley Agricultural Fund' for being a member of the community.


There are 5 Succès directly related to earning gold.

Steam Icon In-Game Icon Achievement Description Unlocks
Achievement Greenhorn.jpg
Achievement Star 01.png
Greenhorn Earn Gold.png15 000po
Good Ol' Cap.png
Good Ol' Cap
Achievement Cowpoke.jpg
Achievement Star 02.png
Cowpoke Earn Gold.png50 000po
Lucky Bow.png
Lucky Bow
Achievement Homesteader.jpg
Achievement Star 03.png
Homesteader Earn Gold.png250 000po
Cool Cap.png
Cool Cap
Achievement Millionaire.jpg
Achievement Star 04.png
Millionaire Earn Gold.png1 000 000po
Bowler Hat.png
Bowler Hat
Achievement Legend.jpg
Achievement Star 03.png
Legend Earn Gold.png10 000 000po (Secret Achievement)


Whenever an item whose sell price is greater than Gold.png500po is taken into inventory, the popup box on the lower left of the screen will be shaded purple.

Items over 500g FR.png


  • There are 8 digits available to display current funds on the display at the upper right of the screen. If the player accumulates Gold.png100 000 000po or more in current funds, the display will "roll over" and subtract Gold.png100 000 001po from the total shown. The full amount of gold is still available for the player to spend, however.
  • Upon earning Gold.png27 000po the player will receive a letter in the mail from the Stardew Valley Tribune:
« « Salutations, <nom de joueur>.
Nous avons le plaisir de vous informer que votre ferme sera présentée dans le prochain numéro de la Tribune de Stardew Valley, dans la rubrique "Tendances" ! Félicitations. Nous sommes impressionnés par votre travail.
-SVT »